Mistakes to Avoid After Professional Teeth Whitening in Greenbelt, MD

Receiving compliments from your colleagues, families and close friends are satisfying—thanks to professional teeth whitening. You can embrace a beautiful, white smile because of the said treatment. Now that your pearly whites are seating brightly inside your mouth, the next thing that you should do is to maintain their sublime look. We at Greenbelt Dental Associates are here to give you tips. But first, let us give you a run-through of the things to expect after receiving in-office teeth bleaching treatment in our clinic.

Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening: The Benefits

After a professional teeth whitening treatment, get ready for these things:

  • An eight shade lighter smile—it’s the apparent benefit professional teeth whitening can offer!
  • Less to zero discomforts and sensitivity since the dentist provide special gels to counter teeth sensitiveness and irritations.
  • Little time in the dental chair as the procedure can be completed in as early as 30 minutes or an hour.
  • A white smile that lasts for years (if the right aftercare is observed)

Avoid these things to extend your white smile!


Whether you use tobacco daily or occasionally, it doesn’t change the fact that smoking is harmful to your dental health and smile. It can dull the shade of your teeth, therefore fading the whitening effect.

Consuming pigmented foods right away

You can put your investment in the waste bin if you munch on dark-colored foods immediately after the teeth whitening treatment. Take note that dentists require patients to abstain from consuming colorful snacks for at least two days following the treatment—make sure to obey for better results.

Drinking dark beverages

Unlike dental prostheses, the teeth can absorb colors. Their porosity doubles after being exposed to the whitening agents. That said, you need to be very careful after a professional teeth whitening treatment. As much as possible, refrain from quenching drinks that can stain the teeth. Stick to plain water or better yet, use drinking straws.

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