Solutions for the Most Common Denture Issues

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Dentures have been available for many years already, but many people still avail of this oral appliance to serve as a solution after missing teeth. One reason is, dentures nowadays are different from the ones used in the past. They are undeniably more natural-looking, comfortable to wear, and even durable. However, despite these improvements, an inadequate amount of care for the oral appliance can still cause problems to occur. That said, we at Greenbelt Dental Associates prepared a list of the most common issues experienced with dentures and their solutions.

Common Denture Issues

When wearing dentures, people need to keep their mouth healthy and clean. It is also ideal for them to make sure that the oral appliance fits perfectly in their mouth. If these are not observed, some of the possible problems include:

  • Issue when speaking and eating
  • Irritations to the mouth and gums
  • Mouth infection
  • Ill-fitting dentures

To prevent these problems from developing in the first place or for their treatment, here are some tips:

Eat soft foods

Having trouble eating? Make sure to chew food slowly, take small bites, avoid eating anything sticky, and chew using both sides of the mouth. If this is due to wearing new dentures, know that it will become easier as the mouth gets used to dentures. After the adjustment period, patients will be able to eat normally again.

Make use of denture adhesives

This particular oral product is designed to help dentures stay in place to make wearers feel more secure. However, it is not advised for patients to use adhesives on dentures that fit poorly. When using adhesives, patients must follow the instructions provided, like the adequate amount to use.

Keep dentures clean

To avoid any possible complications when wearing dentures, it is best to keep them healthy and clean. Make sure to: use a special denture brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush, soak them in denture cleaner (overnight), use plain soap and warm water when cleaning, or ask the dentist for the ideal denture cleaner to use. Denture wearers are discouraged from using toothpaste, bleach, and other powdered household cleaners when cleaning the oral appliance due to their abrasiveness.

Store dentures properly

When not in use, patients are advised to soak dentures in water or a denture solution to keep them clean and in shape. Never use hot water when soaking since it can cause the appliance to warp—making it unwearable.

Aside from the tips listed above, patients should make sure to follow the recommendations given by their dentists to secure the health, aesthetics, durability, and longevity of their dentures.


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