Invisalign: A Life Booster in Greenbelt, MD

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Invisalign aligners can do more than just straightening the teeth! These clear, removable orthodontic devices improve the wearer’s day-to-day life as well. Unlike braces, Invisalign trays do not interrupt the person’s daily activities. Whether they are into sports or individuals in the business world, clear aligners can adapt well.

At Greenbelt Dental Associates, we are encouraging patients with orthodontic issues to invest in Invisalign. We love seeing them achieve their desired smiles without compromising their everyday lives. Invisalign clear aligners, as mentioned above, do not merely straighten the pearly whites; but wearers are also able to upgrade their lifestyles, dental hygiene, overall appearance, and more!


How Can Invisalign Improve Your Life?


Invisalign clear aligners may not have metal components, but they perform well like traditional braces in terms of teeth straightening. The orthodontic device can correct imperfections that hinders one to smile and socialize confidently such as gaps, bad bites, and overcrowding.

Oral Hygiene

Clear aligners are removable, so cleaning the mouth is never a hassle. Because there are no wires or brackets that can make the wearers’ brushing and flossing routine difficult, removing plaques and food particles from the teeth is easier.

Overall Look

Adult orthodontic patients may not find wearing colorful braces ideal anymore. That is why the introduction of Invisalign in dentistry gave working individuals a hope to straighten their smiles without making their appearance less attractive. When aligners are worn, they do not become noticeable in the mouth.


Compared to braces, the impact of Invisalign to one’s lifestyle is very minimal. Wearers can still consume the foods and drinks that they love without worrying about loose brackets or bent wires. Athletes who opted for Invisalign can continue playing inside the field with a mouth fully protected as they can always remove the aligners from their mouths and wear their mouthguards.


Aside from aesthetics, Invisalign is also known for its comfortable aligners. The orthodontic trays are well-customized from the wearers’ mouths so they will sit snugly. The smooth edges of the clear aligners are enough to prevent patients from experiencing the same discomfort that traditional braces give off.

Invisalign in Greenbelt, MD has many benefits that every orthodontic patient can take advantage! Set an initial consultation in our office at Greenbelt Dental Associates to know if you are qualified for the said treatment. We are located at 7500 Greenway Center Dr. #120, Greenbelt, MD 20770.