The Benefits Waterlase Offer for Better Oral Care

Thanks to the technological advancements in dentistry, oral care became easier than ever. Although traditional procedures are still being offered, they already use improved techniques and materials to cater to the needs and preferences of patients.

If there is one technological discovery that is helping people in many ways, it is the use of laser. Even in dentistry, the intense beam of light also assists dentists to deliver the care every patient needs and deserves. At Greenbelt Dental Associates, we take advantage of lasers to offer our patients state-of-the-art dental treatments to make their experience as pleasant as possible. It is all thanks to the Waterlase dental laser.

Laser Dentistry

What is Waterlase?

It is a dental device that uses hydrokinetic technology in removing unwanted hard and soft tissues by utilizing laser-powered water droplets. The good thing about this apparatus is, there are no noise, vibrations, and even heat. As a result, patients can rest easy that procedures performed using the device are guaranteed safe. Plus, even the FDA has recognized it is safe to use for both children and adult patients in 1998.

Benefits of Waterlase

Less dental visits

Since patients no longer need anesthetics, dentists can effectively get rid of all the cavities in a patient’s mouth in just one sitting using the Waterlase dental laser. Aside from cavity removal, there are several dental procedures that WaterLase-trained dentists can perform efficiently so the patients can experience fewer hassles.

Precise and accurate

Using Waterlase, dentists can effectively get rid of the affected portion of the bone, gums, and enamel without harming the healthy areas. As a result, more of the natural structures can be preserved to keep the overall oral wellness in shape.

Reduced trauma

High-speed dental drills can potentially lead to fractures or hairline cracks. If these are left unattended, the patient’s risk of developing dental issues increases. With Waterlase, patients do not need to worry since damage to the tooth structure can be avoided.

Less swelling and bleeding

Waterlase can cut soft tissues conservatively; as a result, patients can expect less swelling and little to no bleeding compared to the traditional approach.


Patients who need root canals, decay removal, gum & bone surgery, smile design, cavity preparation, and many more can avail of Waterlase dental laser.

Did these benefits entice you to give Waterlase a go? If yes, call or visit us at Greenbelt Dental Associates to take advantage of Laser Dentistry in Greenbelt, MD! We are located at 7500 Greenway Center Dr. #120, Greenbelt, MD 20770.